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I am Nia Jovan Andrews, CEO of Jones Publishing & Enterprises, LLC (JP&E) currently located in Munster, Indiana. I am also the candlemaker for JPE•OLOGY Candles.

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My Story

My desire to make candles started years ago, many years ago when I was in fourth grade I was selected to go to a Summer Camp...there we made wax stick candles. I was amazed that I could actually make a candle. 

Since my mother loved burning candles, I always said that I would make candles one day. When the COVID pandemic hit and we were at home it hit me that it was the perfect time to start, so I began making what I called travel candles they were only about 2oz, but of course I over saturated them with fragrance, used dye and tried to incorporate floral at the top to make them attractive. 

As I learned and studied more and more, I realized safer practices, industry standards and how true candle lovers like them simple and without polluting their atmosphere with toxins. So, I only use soy wax, hemp or wood wicks for clean burns.


On top of the candles, we sell our books and journals published through JP&E, t-shirts and other cool items that support creatives. Our name JPE•OLOGY is the science behind JP&E, what helps make our business work. I established e-commerce to help bring in revenue for the publishing company, especially One Purpose Magazine. 

I hope that you shop around and find something for you to help you  SET YOUR ATMOSPHERE! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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